preventing the spread of Covid-19 at Inanch London

At Inanch London, the safety and well-being of our clients and staff is our number 1 priority. Our hygiene standards have always been extremely high with a 5-star Good Salon Guide rating for “salon cleanliness and hygiene.”

But in light of the current Coronavirus pandemic, we want to reassure all our clients that we have put additional safety measures in place and carried out risk assessments to keep our salon a safe and healthy environment for both our clients and staff. These measures include:

1) Deep cleaning our salon every day with bleach and antibacterial products including areas that are regularly touched such as door handles, toilet flushes, taps and debit/credit card machines. 

2) Providing hand sanitizers at reception which both clients and staff will be required to use on arrival.

3) The government has announced that members of the public must wear face masks in shops and supermarkets from 24th July 2020 in England including beauty salons, hair salons or other close contact service establishments. Inanch London kindly requests that clients adhere to this government legislation and wear a face mask whilst in our salon. We will be providing fresh face masks to all our clients on arrival. Inanch London staff will also be wearing face masks/visors at all times.  

4) Staggering client appointments and giving “booking priority” to our loyal / regular clients.

5) Whilst we welcome clients to bring along a friend or relative, we kindly request that clients come on their own to their appointments until further notice.

6) Clients feeling unwell or displaying symptoms of Covid-19 will be requested to re-schedule their appointments.

7) We have installed partition screens on one side of our salon to separate each styling position and keep our clients protected. The styling stations located in the island section of our salon will be reserved for groups of clients or families living/mixing together.

8) All styling positions will be disinfected after each client and all equipment used will be sterilised using our new UV Steriliser units. We also have mobile phone steriliser units located in all our styling stations which clients can use to safely sterilise their mobile phones whilst at the salon.

9) Our salon has been fitted a High-Efficiency Particulate Air Purifier which is designed to remove up to 99% of airborne pollutants, bacteria and germs.

10) Our traditional cotton towels have now been replaced with biodegradable disposable towels made from 100% natural viscose fibre making them extremely hygienic.

11) There will be no magazines or newspapers to share between clients until further notice.

12) Refreshments will be served in disposable paper cups (coffee, tea, wine), plastic bottles (water) or glass bottles (sparkling water).

13) All client jackets/coats will be placed in a disposable polythene cover to avoid contamination with other clients’ jacket whilst hung in our cloakroom.

14) We kindly ask you not to touch any of our retail products unless you are definitely purchasing the product(s).

15) Please pay with a debit/credit card where possible instead of cash.  Tips can still be given in cash as we will not be providing any cash-back services.

Your safety, our priority!

As a result of all the changes that we have made to help protect our clients and staff whilst in the salon, we have had to introduce a Covid-19 Protective Measures fee of £5.00 to every client bill.

We look forward to welcoming you back to Inanch London and thank you for your co-operation during these challenging times.