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We are proud to offer a range of exclusive hair care brands and carefully selected products available in our salon and on our online shop. All our team are trained in each of the products’ ingredients and benefits and will be to offer you a bespoke “at-home hair care regime” to keep your hair and scalp in beautiful condition each and every day.



Gold Class has released its first own-branded hair care product specifically for extension wearers. The pH Balancer is the hero product for all hair extension wearers to offer protection against the environment. Essential for holidays, swimming and as added protection to fight against the everyday stresses on the hair; the pH Balancer acts as a deep conditioning treatment.

Inanch loves: Gold Class Leave In Protein Spray.

CRLAB is founded by the experts of Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories, a leader for the last 50 years in the market of hair replacement with its CRL system (natural contact hair). This was the starting point for the project of a complete trichological line, made of delicate products with high efficacy, that are able to offer effective solutions for scalp anomalies. CRLAB products are now available at Inanch London as in-salon treatments and take-home prescriptive products. Click here for more information.


Blonde comes in an infinite variety of tones.

Blonde can refer to a variety of colours, ranging from mild sun-kissed to bold platinum. It might be hot like caramel or frigid like ice. Blonde is associated with joy, confidence, and sex appeal.

Blonde is one of the most difficult but coveted hair colours, and it is still considered out of reach for the majority of people.

Crafted For You.

Fibre Clinix is a salon-exclusive, totally modular hair care system that combines cutting-edge science with personalization from salon to home. The most modern and powerful repair technology from Schwarzkopf Professional is combined in a completely customised treatment.

Women are more ambitious than ever before all across the world. And beauty is more valuable than it has ever been.

Beautiful Ambition is a celebration of the incredible things that women can do when they look and feel their best. We believe that beauty inspires ambition, and that ambition is attractive.

We promote beauty in all we do with one clear goal in mind: to enable all women to achieve their full potential.

Style is a visual language that brings creative individuals from all over the world together. We leverage the strong language of style at KMS to connect with our community and compile ideas from the world's most inspiring places: runways, metropolitan fashion districts, and the streets.

Our goods are informed by the style we observe, with feedback from our worldwide creative community, and performance supplied by high-performing TRIfinity Technology, and are structured naturally into START. STYLE. FINISH. It's how we make things. How we relate to one another. Great style may improve your day, even if it doesn't rescue the world.

We're obsessive about the chemicals that go into our products at Color Wow. However, not all of them can be tested in a laboratory. The intangibles...the "people" component of formulas are our "secret" ingredients. Every product is infused with our passion, purpose, heart, and care.

Many of these products can be purchased in our online shop, alternatively, pop into the salon and we can guide you through each of the ranges and the products most suited to your hair and needs.