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We are proud to offer a range of exclusive hair care brands and carefully selected products available in our salon and on our online shop. All our team are trained in each of the products’ ingredients and benefits and will be to offer you a bespoke “at-home hair care regime” to keep your hair and scalp in beautiful condition each and every day.


Welcome to the AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT, a Holistic, Premium Brand...


From over-engineered formulas to carefully selected, pure ingredients.

From over-glamourised hair dos to real authentic hairstyles.

From perfectly retouched beauty imagery and distant corporate communication to visuals that are real and an honest direct discussion.

From a fast-paced life to also taking time to disconnect.

Today's generation is part of a wider philosophy, demonstrating a desire for truth and authenticity.


Philip Kingsley coined the phrase ‘bad hair day’ and is the world’s most respected authority on hair and scalp health with more than 50 years of Trichological experience. Taking a holistic approach the products are catered specifically to your individual hair texture, length and level of processing and also to your personal scalp needs. Healthy hair is beautiful hair!

Inanch loves: Elastizer – the most well known PK product and an essential treat you need on your bathroom shelf.


Gold Class has released its first own-branded hair care product specifically for extension wearers. The pH Balancer is the hero product for all hair extension wearers to offer protection against the environment. Essential for holidays, swimming and as added protection to fight against the everyday stresses on the hair; the pH Balancer acts as a deep conditioning treatment.

Inanch loves: Gold Class Leave In Protein Spray.

CRLAB is founded by the experts of Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories, a leader for the last 50 years in the market of hair replacement with its CRL system (natural contact hair). This was the starting point for the project of a complete trichological line, made of delicate products with high efficacy, that are able to offer effective solutions for scalp anomalies. CRLAB products are now available at Inanch London as in-salon treatments and take-home prescriptive products. Click here for more information.

Many of these products can be purchased in our online shop, alternatively, pop into the salon and we can guide you through each of the ranges and the products most suited to your hair and needs.

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