Gold Class Hair Extensions Removal Kit

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Kit includes:

  • Removal Gel* for pre-bonded hair extensions
  • Removal Pliers for pre-bonded hair extensions
  • Detangling Brush for long hair and extensions
  • Argan Gold Shampoo and Conditioner for cleansing after extensions

These products cannot be returned once used. *please read product description below and guidelines for using our removal gel.

Our Gold Class removal gel has been produced using ingredients to safely remove hair extension bonds (referred to as keratin or polymer bonds).
This product is recommended for professional use only.  By purchasing this product, you take full responsibility for its use and will not hold Inanch London Ltd liable for improper use.  We strongly recommend that you follow the step-by-step instructions below before using this product and how to remove your extensions.

How to remove your hair extensions using the Gold Class removal gel and removal pliers.

  1. Brush your hair with our Gold Class detangling brush. Make sure that there are no knots in your hair. Hair should always be dry before brushing and taking next steps.
  2. Apply the Gold Class removal gel to a few hair extension bonds at a time and massage into the bonds.  We recommend that you or your partner wears latex gloves before using the removal gel.  For extra safety, please do not allow under 18s to handle this product.
  3. Once you have applied and massaged the removal gel into the bonds, crack the bonds (one by one) with the Gold Class removal plier, moving the plier up, down and around but NOT your own hair.
  4. Once the bonds start to crumble, the bonds should easily slip down your hair.  Test this by gently pulling the ends of the extensions.  If they do not slip down easily then repeat step
  5. Once you have removed all your hair extension bonds, we recommend that you use our Argan Gold Shampoo and Conditioner to deep cleanse your own hair and remove any residues.

Please watch our video clip showing how to remove your pre-bonded hair extensions before starting this process.