As hair stylists, summer is definitely one of our favourite seasons, not only does everyone feel lighter and brighter, but we find clients are more willing to embrace new colours and styles for the holiday season.

However, summer can also be one of the most damaging times for our hair. The vibrant sun that we all know and love, can wreak havoc on coloured hair, tarnishing perfect blonde tresses with brassy tones and warming up cooler shades of brown. On top of some of this colour distress, the sun is terrible for causing hair to dry and ends to split.

At Inanch we know, most of us have waited longer than ever before to truly embrace summer this year, so we reached out to our top stylists to gather our top tips of how to protect your hair this summer:

Many of us who want to achieve natural highlights still look to a lemon to add instant shades of blonde to our hair. Although this trick does work at times, lemons are incredibly drying to the hair and can leave it very brittle. Instead we would recommend purchasing a trusted lightening spray, which will be full of the necessary heat protectors as well as added detox vitamins to keep your hair healthy. We highly recommend our Thermal Protector Spray.

The more we colour and play with our hair can often result in it lacking the necessary proteins to rebuild and grow new healthy hair. Added heat from the sun and increased swimming in pools can also really strip away vital proteins from damaged hair. Our protein spray is lightweight and extremely easy to use, simply spray in after washing your hair and wait to see the results.

Condition, condition, condition. We all know that it’s imperative to invest in good quality conditioner and hair masks – but this is more important than ever in summer. While it can be easier to quickly grab shampoo & conditioner abroad, we’d recommend taking a trusted product and hair mask to use at least once while you’re away (if you can).

In addition to conditioning, during the summer your hair will require more serums and oils to add in the extra moisture the sun strips away. Our Argan Oil hair kit has everything you need to ensure your hair stays hydrated throughout your holiday.


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