When we all toasted Happy New Year on the 31st December, none of us quite knew what was coming. 2020 has been a whirlwind to say the least, when lockdown began in March many of us felt afraid for the future and rightly so. However, what we soon noticed, was how quickly communities came together and started to look out for each other.

At Inanch, we pride ourselves on community spirit and supporting our employees, loyal customers and anyone new. As many of us are slowly emerging out of lockdown and started to seeing friends and family (safely) we wanted to share a list of some our stylists favourite ideas for post lockdown hair. Because when you’ve been inside since March, you absolutely deserve to make an entrance when you finally get to leave the house!

Colour…and by colour for many people we mean ROOTS! We won’t pretend that, that hasn’t been the first thing on many people’s mind. The sheer number of Instagram posts from those in desperate need of having regrowth coloured, brought some well needed laughter to us all during these past tough months.

So yes, of course many people are going to be running into their hairdresser’s arms needing their roots down. And while we would never encourage anyone to change a style or colour they love – it could also be time for a change. Many of us haven’t ever left our hair for so long without a colour touch up or cut, so if there’s a lighter brighter or darker colour you’ve always been desperate to try, now might just be the perfect time.


Honey blonde Sienna Miller is probably the most famous face of honey blonde. By going for softer shades of blonde she manages to keep the lightness of the shade without it washing her out or overshadowing her relaxed, boho chic look.

Walnut brown This colour is the best shade of brown for those who might be considering transitioning from blonde to the dark side (or embracing their current roots). It sits perfectly in the middle of colder and warmer brown shades, meaning it can literally suit anyone (as long as it’s coloured correctly). Then simply ask your hairdresser to add high or low lights of warmer or cooler shades, depending on your skin tone and preference.

Ravishing red Red is one of those colours which everyone secretly wants to try but are usually too afraid to. As someone who has worked in the hair industry for decades now, I promise there is a shade that suits everyone. The key secret being… you don’t have to dye your hair bright red. If you find a hairdresser you can trust, they will be able to add either a soft orange honey, warm terracotta or brazen red tones to suit your colour and face. This is something I think everyone should try once, maybe 2020 can be the year we all do…

For those looking for a softer change, whatever your colour, summer is the perfect time for any shade to embrace ombre or balayage. Not only is this an easy way to blend out overgrown roots, but a good hairdresser should be able to find the right tones and fading for any skin tone, creating a natural youthful look.


Again, after three or four months in lockdown, most of us are in dire need of a haircut. And this is also an opportunity to try something new. For anyone in need of some inspiration we’ve rounded up our top three 2020 post lockdown trends:

Layers Layers can often invite a marmite like response from clients, some love them, others loathe them. What I try to explain is that layers are not all the same, they don’t have to run high through the hair, they can be styled to sit just around your face, softening the hair line, or add some volume and flair near the ends. Whichever style you prefer, layers are perfect for summer – they’re fun and a great way to add some lightness to thick hair.

The Bob or Lob The Bob will never go out style and for many who have had their hair grow out of control the last few months, a bob or lob is a very chic way to end lockdown.

Braids For those who grew tires of maintaining their long locks during quarantine and have come to realise that minimum effort and maximum style, is the perfect combination, then braids might just be the perfect solution to see you through 2020 in peace.

Back to work styling

As we all begin to embrace the new normal and adjust to being back in working spaces with distancing in place, it’s likely having our hair up might also become the new normal. Fear not, we’ve got you covered with our favourite up-do styles:

The ponytail can often be disregarded as a slightly boring or dates style, however with the right styling and placement it can be one of the most flattering looks. I would recommend asking your hair stylist for tips or watching a youtube tutorial to find out more about your face shape and what ponytail height/placement would look best on you.

The bun Whether you like a high bun or a low one, this is one of our favourite looks for keeping your hair out of your eyes and is perfect for office chic.

Hair Extensions; Whether its long Rapunzel locks you have been dreaming of, a splash of colour or a shorter voluminous style, extensions are a great solution. With so many options available depending on your commitment level, our Gold Class Hair range offers them all, from clips-ins for a night out, tapes for a semi-permanent look with quick application time or more permanent option with our luxury, keratin pre-bonded pieces that last anywhere for 3-6 months depending on your hair growth, we’re got you covered.

Gold Class hair extensions celebrity fans include Rochelle Humes, ichelle Collins, Sam Faiers, Michelle Heaton, Frankie Gaff and Michelle Keegan.