While we, of course, know that haircare is nowhere near the biggest priority of 2020 when salons were forced to close in March, we were inundated with requests and questions about how to take care of your hair from home and what the best routines and products are to use.

We’ve rounded up a list of celebrities’ favourite hair care products of 2020. These are guaranteed to leave your hair looking its best yet and ready to bounce in 2021…

1. You probably wouldn’t expect to see this first on our list, but no A-lister, model or celebrity hairdresser would leave the house without a first-class paddle brush in their bag. Hair trends and even brush trends have come and gone over the years, but a high-quality paddle brush is still one of the first things celebrity stylists and I would always recommend my clients to invest in. You can have the best hair care and treatment available, but if the brush you’re using every day isn’t good quality, then your hair will still, break.

Gold Class Large Brush

Our large gold paddle brush, also dubbed as the dream hairbrush is hand-crafted and designed with electroplating, to create a strong scratch-free finish. The mixed bristles maximise penetration to the roots allowing even distribution of natural oils; while the rubber padding allows bristles to flow unrestricted for tangle-free results.

2. Argan oil has been a secret weapon used by a number of celebrities including beautiful actresses Eva Mendes and Marian Cotillard to leave their luscious brown locks nourished all year round.

Gold Class Argaon Oil

As autumn comes to an end and the winter cold trickles in, we always recommend clients to use high-quality, hydrating hair oil through the winter months. Our beautiful leave-in Gold Class Argan oil serum which will leave your hair looking healthy, smooth and shiny. Apply a small amount to damp hair, then style.

For those looking for the all-round, super healthy hair look, try our Argan Gold Class Hair and Body Kit.

3. This year has definitely been a time when more of us than ever before relied on a colour spray touch up to save our roots. However, A-listers such as Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Lopez have been using root touch up sprays for years.

Root touch-ups are the perfect on-the-go tool for celebrities and VIPs who never want even to show a millimetre of a root or anyone who just can’t get an appointment at the hairdresser after six weeks.

Our fast, easy, precise no-mess mineral powder Colour Wow root cover-up adheres to hair instantly, and covers grey, dark roots and extends highlights. No peroxide, waxes, dyes or parabens, and never stiff, sticky or waxy. The water-resistant formula lasts from shampoo to shampoo but stays put when you sleep, sweat or swim. Formulated with a variety of pigments plus reflective particles to blend seamlessly and look naturally dimensional, it can also be used to fill in hairlines and cover gaps to create thicker-looking hair.

4. When it comes to styling hair and enjoying new hair colours, cuts and trends, no one has as many different looks in a year, or even a month, as a model. Top models including Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner will be used to having their hair tonged, curled and straightened more than anyone else. As a result, most models rely on a thermal heat protector serum or spray, just as they would use shampoo.

And while many of us won’t be attending quite as many Christmas parties or events as usual, and therefore not using our styling tongs or straighteners as often, it is still essential to continue to use a heat protection spray to protect our hair from damage from hair drying and the environment. Our Gold Class thermal protection serum is also excellent to use as a leave-in hair moisturising and nourishing treatment. Designed to protect and rebuild your hair, it is vibrant in vitamin E and essential fatty acids to help moisturise, feed and protect from free radicals.

5. From Beyonce to Lady Gaga (and everyone in between: Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Vanessa Hudgens…) We could name thousands of celebrities who love and rely on hair extensions to add some length and volume to their natural hair.

However, what you may now know is that in addition to using the best hair care products, combs and treatments to keep their extensions looking perfect, one of the best extension hair care hacks is to always sleep in a silk hair cap. Sleeping in a silk cap naturally minimalises friction and protects hairs from snapping and breaking.