Introducing the Roots Ritual at Inanch London

As your go-to hair health experts, we’re always looking for innovative hair and scalp treatments to make you look and feel your best. Beautiful, strong, shiny hair starts with a nourished and balanced scalp, which is why we’re so excited to introduce our latest service for healthy, gorgeous hair: the Roots Ritual at Inanch London.

This luxurious and effective treatment, powered by Roots Professional stimulating products, is perfect for anyone with hair shedding, thinning or hair loss concerns and combines impactful proven results with a relaxing, premium salon experience.

Carried out in our serene washroom spa, the Roots Ritual will enliven, stimulate your scalp, strengthen, and support your hair from the cellular level, creating more volume when dried and promoting healthy hair growth. Switch off, relax, and leave feeling restored…

At Inanch London, we’re passionate about seamlessly blending results-driven services with luxurious experiences, because we believe every appointment should feel premium, and that every client should feel pampered, no matter what the treatment. The Roots Ritual is the perfect addition to our existing menu of hair and scalp solutions and beauty therapies

Ready to learn more? Keep reading to discover the Roots Ritual and learn how it will benefit you!

All about Roots Professional

Our very own Inanch Emir was recently named as an ambassador for Roots Professional; a science-led, bio-tech, stimulating, results-driven product range from Los Angeles for anyone with hair shedding and hair loss concerns or for clients just wanting to follow a healthy hair journey.

As well as promoting healthy hair growth, the products also support and care for hair extensions, making it a perfect match for both our salon expertise and focus on condition, quality, and care.

We’re delighted that Inanch London has also been named as the Roots Professional flagship salon and are thrilled to be launching this ritual to showcase the products alongside our own team’s proficiency as the ultimate healthy hair experts.

Introducing the Roots Ritual

What is the Roots Ritual?

Inanch and Roots Professional have developed this salon service to promote healthy hair growth and stimulate your scalp in one soothing, relaxing treatment. Think of it like a restorative, energising facial for your hair and scalp.

What happens during the Roots Ritual?

Step into our spa-like washroom, where mood lighting, aromatherapy scents and a therapeutic soundtrack will instantly help you switch off and relax.

Once you’re comfortable, your hair will be gently washed using Roots Professional Blast Scalp & Hair Prep. This gentle but effective cleanser removes product build-up, decreases inflammation, reduces irritation, and rebalances the scalp.

You’ll then enjoy a relaxing head massage before Roots Professional Imperium Stimulating CBD Conditioner is applied. Infused with powerful CBD, this conditioner minimizes hair loss, empowers faster hair growth, and aids in hair recovery.

After rinsing, Roots Professional Founders Formula Topical Therapy will be applied in targeted areas. This powerful solution is highly concentrated, for effective results in areas of thinning or hair loss.

Your stylist will then enhance your treatment with an additional Roots Professional topical solution to address your specific hair concerns – including stress, damage, hair loss, and lack of volume.

Next, your hair will be stimulated further with the sensorial Manta Pulse Brush; an innovative new pulsating hairbrush that provides an invigorating, exfoliating scalp massage to increase blood flow and circulation and help products penetrate more effectively. This enables the topical treatments to be absorbed further into the scalp to the cellular level where their 16+ active ingredients can be more effective.

Finally, hair will be dried and styled with your desired finish – leaving you ready to face the world looking and feeling fantastic.

Can you tell me more about Roots Professional products?

Roots Professional products are formulated for scalp health, hair repair and stimulation to support growth. The products used in the Roots Ritual are:

Roots Professional Blast Scalp & Hair Prep

A gentle but effective cleanser that decreases inflammation, removes buildup from the hair and the scalp and prevents and reduces dandruff, irritation and discomfort.

Roots Professional Imperium Stimulating CBD Conditioner

An effective, anti-aging conditioner which ‘powers up’ the hair with 16 key active ingredients to provide targeted support for hair loss conditions.

Roots Professional Founders Formula Topical Therapy

A powerful lotion-based topical solution, which allows for higher concentrations of state-of-the-art ingredients and effectively stimulates hair growth. The most powerful formula from the brand to date.

Topical Therapies

These additional boosters will target your specific hair concerns. Choose from D-Stress for stress-related hair loss, chemically damaged hair, menopausal hair loss and anti-aging; Power Extensions for hair loss caused by extensions, to prolong the life of extensions or to supercharge long hair; and Care for post-chemo, post-partum or other medical hair loss.

What is the Manta Pulse brush?

This vibrating brush has two levels of pulsation: relaxing and rejuvenating. The relaxing option will recreate the soothing and stimulating experience of a scalp massage for stress and tension relief, while the rejuvenating setting provides an invigorating, exfoliating massage to increase blood flow and circulation to the scalp. The brush also enhances the performance of hair products, by allowing them to penetrate more effectively.

Who is the Roots Ritual suitable for?

The service has been created to support those with shedding, thinning hair or hair loss concerns or for clients wanting to start a healthy hair journey. It will benefit anyone seeking a healthier hair lifestyle, more balanced scalp and clients in search of thicker, more lustrous hair with volume.

How long does the Roots Ritual take?

The service lasts for 20 minutes, making it the ideal relaxing but time-sensitive addition to your usual salon appointment.