FibreClinix Consultation & Treatment

Technology meets haircare at Inanch with the introduction of the SalonLab Analyzer, Fibre Clinix and Scalp Clinix.

Combining hairdresser expertise with data-driven insights, our SalonLab Analyzer provides an innovative look inside your hair structure to provide you with a truly personalised consultation and bespoke haircare plan.

Using the new SalonLab Analyzer, your Inanch stylist will scan the inner and outer structure of your hair, moisture level and true hair colour to prescribe you a specific Fibre Clinix and Scalp Clinix haircare regime to maintain and prolong results until your next salon visit. 

Hair, like your skin, needs bespoke care to be healthy, full of body and shine. Fibre Clinix is the new salon-exclusive, fully modular hair care regime harnessing cutting-edge science with customisation from salon to home care. Combining Schwarzkopf Professional's most advanced and powerful repair technology with full customisation, with its triple bonding and C21 technology, restore and repair your hair back to its virgin condition with Fibre Clinix.

At Inanch we firmly believe beautiful hair starts with a healthy scalp, so we’re delighted to launch Scalp Clinix to our discerning clients. When the scalp is in good condition, hair strands are given a healthy base from which to grow. When the scalp is thrown out of balance, then issues like sebum over-production, dandruff and even hair loss may occur.  Everyone’s’ scalp requires an individualised approach in order to be treated effectively and the Scalp Clinix regime is the most advanced and customisable care for scalp and hair on the market. Scalp Clinix brings it back to its natural state, leaving the scalp soothed and calm - the end result is beautiful, healthy-looking hair.

Book your complimentary SalonLab Analyzer, Fibre Clinix and Scalp Clinix consultation today and let us curate the perfect in-salon and home haircare formula for you.