Hair And Scalp Treatments

make every day a good hair day!

Want to know the real secret to a good hair day, every day? Healthy hair and a healthy scalp. Our range of high quality hair and scalp treatments are not only designed to improve the condition of your hair, we of course want to pamper you, too. Say goodbye to a dry, itchy scalp and those cheeky fly-aways. Indulge in a boost for your hair and most importantly, feel safe in the knowledge that at Inanch London, we’ve got you taken care of.


Want strong, nourished hair without feeling weighed down? Our Spa Mist repairs and rejuvenates your hair from the inside out.

Need a quick fix? Try our 20 minute Spa Mist Express treatment. Or for the full experience, our 40 minute intense treatment uses a combination of award winning deep conditioners and heat, followed by a cooling period to lock in moisture. Wow the crowd with visibly softer and smoother hair. 

Have you ever wished you could get rid of frizz for good? The revolutionary Botox Hair Smoothing Treatment can deliver the consistent results you’ve been looking for. 

Using premium ingredients including avocado oil, collagen and hydrolyzed silk, this thorough treatment repairs the cuticle, improving the overall condition of your hair as well as locking in your colour. Perfect for all hair types, your smooth shine will last up to 12 weeks. 

Over 60% of women with wavy or curly hair attempt to straighten and smooth it every single day. That adds up to some serious styling hours every year, not to mention some serious heat damage. The Yuko hair-straightening system is a unique Japanese method of hair straightening. Whether naturally or artificially curly, this method straightens and smooths the hair without causing damage to the hair itself. The innovative Yuko System not only straightens but repairs previously damaged hair; achieved through the specially designed heating iron which restores the nutrients to the hair. Achieve healthier, stronger and shinier hair with results lasting up to 6 months.


For smooth frizz-free hair, try one of our acclaimed smoothing treatments tried and tested by our beauty editor clients...

“Frizz-free, stronger hair which lasts for four months! I was super impressed with the results!”

Natasha Bird, Yahoo Lifestyle Editor

“I feel like a new woman after having the keratin hair treatment at Inanch London.Fabulous experience!”

Jess Richardson, OK! Magazine

“My new sleek locks are ridiculously east to tame.I can now blow dry my hair straight in about 10 minutes - no need for extra styling!Its a dream come true!”

Ellie Moss, Women’s Fitness Magazine



Philip Kingsley’s Trichotherapy offers the ultimate hair & scalp regime ideal for those with fine or thinning hair. Another favourite product from their range is Elasticiser used in our Spa Mist Treatment to restore your hair’s natural elasticity, body & shine.

CRLAB is founded by the experts of Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories, a leader for the last 50 years in the market of hair replacement with its CRL system (natural contact hair).   This was the starting point for the project of a complete trichological line, made of delicate products with high efficacy, that are able to offer effective solutions for scalp anomalies.   CRLAB products are now available at Inanch London as in-salon treatments and take-home prescriptive products.  Click here for more information.