Combline Hair Filler

COMBLINE HAIR EXTENSIONS APPLICATION TECHNIQUE - invisible, lightweight and super comfortable! 

The CombLine hair application system at Inanch London allows you to have extensions applied in those finer areas where bonds, micro rings and tapes will get noticed. Thanks to the special adhesive, the union of the hair-to-hair extension is completely undetectable.  The extremely versatile solution, which is suitable for both men and women of all ages, utilises invisible strand-by-strand application and can be applied to thin hair on the fringe, top, sides and crown areas to both thicken and lengthen hair for up to six weeks.  In addition, the innovative fuss-free application process requires no removal, offering a seamless experience, while also enabling the stylist to straighten, blow dry, colour and perm over the bonds, to create individual hair artistry and give our clients back their confidence with thinning hair. 

Inanch London are delighted to be amongst the first in the UK to offer this new groundbreaking technique using our very own superior quality Gold Class hair extensions. What's more is that you will be booking your CombLine application with multi-award winning hair extensions expert and CombLine UK Ambassador & Head Trainer Inanch Emir.    Full aftercare advice will be provided at the consultation.  

We also offer a CombLine "top-up" service based on your requirements as well as a Dual Extensions Application service where we apply hair extensions using the traditional pre-bonded or tape-in application method for the thicker areas and the CombLine application method for those finer areas.

CombLine Tried & Tested by Beauty Editor Sarah-Jane Corfield-Smith.

CombLine Application Fees (excludes hair cost):

Consultation:  £25.00 (will be deducted against the application fee once booked).

CombLine for thickening: £300.00

CombLine for lengthening: £400.00

CombLine for length & volume: £700.00

CombLine top-up service: £200.00

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