Safety First - Extending Responsibly

The newspapers are keen to point out the horror stories from bad extensions, but can hair extensions really be safe? Our own multi-award winning Inanch has specialised in extensions for over 20 years and believes the safety comes down to the consultation & professional application.

Hair extensions can cause issues for a small proportion of people and this can be down to many factors. Here are our top four pointers to pain-free hair extensions:


  • A thorough consultation will go through the factors from your lifestyle and medical related aspects as well as looking at the different application methods that not only give the desired effect of glamorous hair, but are the most suitable for the healthy of your scalp and own hair
  • Professional application by a qualified hairdresser trained in the correct application method with the chosen hair extension brand will give you confidence in your choice of stylist
  • Equally as important is a good understanding of caring for the hair extensions as it’s a big commitment in terms of time and money. Issues of matting are common and can cause discomfort but can easily be rectified, so regularly maintenance appointments with your stylist are recommended
  • Safe removal with the correct products and again, by a trained professional, will ensure your own hair healthier than before your extensions were applied


Inanch created her own brand, Gold Class Hair Extensions from all her experience and she advocates a Healthy Hair Days Philosophy so there is no damage from using hair extensions.

“In recent years there appears to have been real significant advances and improvements with regard to hair extensions as I have seen with my analysis of Inanch Emir’s hair extensions work. It appears to me that when a professionally trained technician such as Inanch or a member of her team attaches them, there is no visible evidence of traction on the hair or scalp even after removal of the extensions. My Trichological advice is to always ensure both the hair and scalp are in optimum health as per Inanch’s Gold Class “healthy hair days” regime which also emphasises the importance of correct maintenance and aftercare along with having the extensions professionally removed within the specified period of 3-4 months”. Glenn Lyons, Trichologist & Clinic Director at Philip Kingsley
Fellow of The Institute of Trichologists.

Before Committing to Hair Extensions:


In order to maintain healthy looking hair whilst wearing hair extensions, it is imperative that you adhere to our aftercare guide which requires a full commitment from your end. Remember that hair extensions are a cosmetic procedure and so, as with any cosmetic procedure, there is some element of risk of causing damage to your own hair and scalp, whichever method of application or hair texture you choose. In our professional opinion, we believe that Gold Class hair extensions’ premium quality hair, expert application and accredited aftercare programme will help minimise any risk of damage to your own hair and scalp providing that you adhere to the maintenance and aftercare guidelines and that you return to our salon to have your extensions professionally removed (within the specified period) with our own hair extension removal products.