CR LAB Hair & Scalp Diagnosis

Beautiful hair starts with a healthy scalp

It is estimated that 1 in 5 women in the UK experience hair loss at some point in their life. Hair loss can affect both men and women for a variety of reasons, be it genetic, medical or resulting from damage caused by excessive use of products on the hair.   Whatever the reason for hair loss, for many the outcome is the same, they are left feeling distressed and less confident. As hairdressers, we of course enjoy creating dramatic and fashionable colours, cuts, and styles for our clients. However, nothing could be more special and rewarding than being able to help someone naturally regain their desired hair in length, thickness and general hair health. 


In regard to hair loss people are (understandably) quick to panic, and often assume that they will never be able to naturally increase hair growth from their scalp again. However, in order to achieve thick, healthy hair, you have to find the root of the issue, which is always in the scalp. In its simplest terms, trichology is the study of the hair and scalp. CRLab Italy, invested in the study of trichology to create a product line to support and rejuvenate hair for those suffering from dandruff, hair loss and sebum (oily hair). Anyone suffering from any of these ailments should book a Tricotest consultation at our salon.  This test is a microscopic analysis of both your scalp and hair to identify common issues, such as styling product build-up, dirt, bacteria, fungus, DHT enzyme symptoms, excess sebum, and poor hair nutrition. The Tricotest is designed for both men and women, and the system is simple, easy, and convenient. After the test, you will be recommended a course of treatments, which will specifically target the cause of your hair loss.

CRLab embraces a formulative philosophy based on 'dermophytocosmesi', their products are made high quality raw materials, which have undergone a refined productive process, in order to grant an excellent efficacy level. The synergy of essential oils, plant stem cells and oligoelements, is the starting point for their treatment lines and products, whose primary target is the health of your scalp and consequently your hair.

Malassezia furfur is a microorganism which caused dry and greasy dandruff and skin dehydration, sebum hyperproduction, the presence of toxins and free radicals.

Anyone suffering from hair loss and excessive moisture or oil would be given the Sebum Regulating Protocol treatment, which provides strength to the hair. The protocol works on the scalp thanks to a well-studied essential oil mixture with great "astringent" capacity and several plant extracts with a high nutritive activity. CRLabs chose to use the jojoba extract that has a lipid composition similar to normal human sebum and the avocado extract, a regulator of sebum production.

The Laminaria extract and the Fomes extract have a very strong astringent capability, leaving the hair root free from excess sebum. The azelaic acid is a strong antibacterial agent with the capacity to control sebum production. This Protocol is highly effective also for oily dandruff because the formula's active principles fight Malassezia Furfur formation, the contributing cause of dandruff formation and recurrence.


The Edelweiss Plant stem cells are added to this Protocol because of their balancing and regenerating action. We select for this line the Sapphire Gemstone: it reinforces hair bulb metabolism providing important microelements for healthy hair growth.


Others suffering from hair loss caused by dandruff and a dry scalp, would use CRLab’s moisturising anti-dandruff protocol line. This collection fights persistent dry dandruff, helping those with irritations, scalp tenderness, redness, itching, etc. Due to the great soothing properties of these products, the essential oils of this Trichological Protocol have the capacity to stop dehydration (enhancing the scalp moisturizing) and have a soothing and rejuvenating effect.

The alpha-hydroxy-acids have a deep regenerating effect due to strong "keratinolytic" activity Hydrolysed collagen restores the scalp connective layer and provides moisturizing action. Rhododendron plant stem cells: this provides regenerating capability. They selected for this line the Diamond Gemstone: it purifies the scalp due to its exfoliating properties.


Inadequate tissue oxygenation are causes of hair loss and thinning hair; these are all conditions in which we can fight only through the synergy targeted products and a serious and complete protocol, because single products cannot act alone.


People suffering from unexplained hair thinning would be given the Hair Loss Prevention treatments, which includes a pre-shampoo which rebalances the scalp by protecting the scalp from oxidative stress formation thanks to a special blend of essential oils. Avocado oil extract also counteracts the activity of the 5-alpha-reductase, while apple stem cells and hydrolysed yeast protein supports the anagen phase of the hair growth cycle. Ruby dust particles exfoliate the scalp and at the same time supplies iron and chromium minerals.

The CRLab Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo, rebalances the scalp thanks to a special blend of essential oils, these oils also purify and sooth the scalp from impurities. Hydrolysed yeast proteins strengthen hair follicles, hydrolysed rice proteins nourish the hair and apple stem cells support the anagen phase of the hair growth cycle. And finally, a hair loss protection lotion. This special mix of essential oils and extracts purifies the skin and sensitively stimulates the microcirculation favouring the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicle.

The hair loss prevention lotion has high antioxidant properties and effectively counteracts hair loss, maintaining the correct balance of nutrients within the hair bulb. Thuja oil has purifying and protective properties that help strengthen hair. Calendula (rich in saponins and flavonoids) strengthens the capillaries improving microcirculation. Sage provides tannins, phenols, flavonoids and organic acids.

CRLab products are dermatologically tested by the Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna, following the GMP indications. All of their products are formulated and made in Italy using the most innovative, safe, and certified high-quality raw materials.